Education Budget and False Accusations

Rep. Brisson is being bashed by the NCAE using false accusations and statements. The documented truth lies below. The Education Budget that Rep. Brisson voted in favor of was right on target for the tough overall year for North Carolina. In hard economic times, you can't say, "Cut everybody else, but not mine". But, as you will see below, the NC General Assembly is doing their part and more trying to pick up the slack from Federal and Local monies lost. They can't do it all in one budget though. I hope that you will read the information below and make an informed decision and not base any decision on heresay. That's what is so disheartening about poltics. Most people won't take the time to research the information for themselves. And that fact has been proven many times over with all of the negative publicity that has cost us the service of good representatives.

Here's a table taken straight from DPI's website (page 14) that shows the actual breakdown of Full Time Personnel and how they are funded. The interesting note is how the State funded 4,613 more positions in 2012 than 2011! 2011-2012 PERSONNEL FUNDING

There are more charts on DPI's website (page 2) that explain just how much the State is supporting Public Schools. Funding increased in 2011 by 1.1%, which is about $350 million. Rep. Brisson was personally involved in getting $300 million of that money put into the budget for Public Schools. How can anyone say that he doesn't support Education? In those same negotiations, he got an extra $100 million added for Higher Education! I find the notes on the Sources of Expenditures Chart especially interesting. NC ranks 11th in the Nation for the highest percentage of funds from State revenue.

Public School Funding %Source of Expenditures
Total State Funding for Public Schools

Here's one more thing. How many teachers and how many teacher Assistants do you see below that were to lose their jobs? Again, this is straight from DPI's website (Highlights 2011, page 6)and (Highlights 2012, page 6).

Teachers & Assistants 2010
Teachers & Assistants 2011